Christmas trees

Hey, I liked Lucy and Katie's trees. Pretty. I don't have my Christmas Tree up yet or I would post a photo of it. Maybe I will get it put up this weekend.
We have breakfast at Dinah and Betty's. I am looking forward to that!
I think I will put the tree up tonight. Anitamargarita
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I have not posted in so long you may have forgotten me! Happy Birthday to Lucy! That was yesterday! Hope she enjoyed her special day because she is special to me and my family! Love you Lucy! We must make arrangements to do something fun soon! Anyhow tonight will be Mexican night or Margarita night.
Anitamargarita!!!!!!!Yes! See you tonight
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(no subject)

When can you ever just sit and relax? Only at work I say. At home: the house needs cleaning, the dishes need washing and the clothes need washing, the yard needs mowing the flower beds need weeding, the garage needs cleaning and Clars's carpet and mine needs cleaning and the cemetary needs mowing and on and on and on. I have to make some flowers for decoration and I need to clean the boat. I love summer but in the winter I can just say it is too far I can't say it is too hot! Well, I am such a joy! aren't I.?
I think Katie is going to clean for me for Mothers Day! She is such a sweet daughter! (She doesn't know I heard the dogs talking about moving out until I clean!)LOL
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Camper Trailer

Well, I finally bought a camper trailer! I am excited about it. It is 2 years older than the one I have but it is nicer. I am working on decorating it. It is a 76 model I think. Only 31 years old! LOL Well, I like it! I can't wait to take it to the river. It is going to be a busy May. I have to get decoration flowers. I have to clean the cemetary plots and I have to clean at home and at the river including mowing grass so we can be ready to Party on Memorial Day weekend! Gotta Go. I'm working. Jane

My Birthday!

Today is my birthday. I am 54! WOW Anyhow I haven't posted lately. I have not been feeling real chipper but I am better now. Lucy your spring flower photos are really beautiful. Spring has been particularly beautiful this year. We have not had any rain to really damage the blooms. Everything is so colorful! And it has been so warm! It is a little cool today. Always turns cooler here for Easter Sunday!
Hope you all have a great Easter. Love Jane
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Going to Betty and Dinah's

Last night we went to Betty and Dinah's with the Thursday night group. We had a BIG dinner and it was soooo good. We had fun. As always, with our little group. Sorry Katie missed it. But we are all old and Katie is not.
I am working so must go. TGIF! I'm so glad. Jane
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line dancing

Well, last night was line dancing class. It was fun. I think we did something called bounce and hog wild! It is good exercise for the mind and body. I had dinner with Steve but I was careful with my choices.
I missed Katie at Line dancing and Betty. Gotta Go Jane
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ReEmerging from the lost planet

Ahoy there! Can you hear me? I am back. I have been in a big black hole for a while. I could not write. Well, I will tell you it was not a fun trip. I am glad to be back. I have plans for 2007. Big Plans. I plan to lose weight. Lots of weight. I plan to go to the beach sometime
and to have a few weekends away. I plan to go to the river for weekends
and to have more fun in 2007. I'm going to dance more and play more.
Yeah! Will post more later. I am at WORK! Jane
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Well, can't say it was an exciting weekend but it was ok. I got sick on Thursday and was really sick on Thursday and Friday. Saturday, the weather was really wonderful.. I made chicken and dressing to take to JoAnnes after Bob's service.
It was a beautiful fall afternoon, the leaves were radiant in the afternoon sun. We all gathered at the family plot at Pleasant Hill Cemetary and Bob's ashes were scattered. Bob was a great guy. I have only seen Bob angry at anyone on one occasion. That was at Angie when she was a teanager. Anyhow , it is pretty remarkable that he had such a mild temper. He and my husband Steve are double first cousins and Steve is hell on wheels! When he is good he is very good but when he is bad he is awful. LOL Well, maybe I shouldn't laugh. His temperment to say the least is angry, mad, angry, violent, angry and sometimes happy mixed in. Well, gotta go. Lunch time is here!!!!
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Oh boy. I just got back from taking Clara to her new home at Barbara Kilgore's.. She seemed to be ok and she said she would adapt. Mrs Williams, Clara's roommate from then nursing home and childhood friend is living there so Clara remembered her and they were reminiscing. I am so happy to have found her this home. She seems to be ok today. Maybe she will have a good day. I sure hope she cooperates with the Kilgores.